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AGPL with its strong experience in the plastics Industry has entered into the CPVC/PVC Pipes & Fittings Industry based on latest technology using the world’s best machinery, testing equipments and quality control programmes that are widely accepted at global level to develop CPVC plumbing systems as per the Indian and international plumbing market requirements. AGPL has a mission of utilizing its strong technical knowhow, continuing technological developments and its experience in the plastics industry to make top quality CPVC pipes and fittings for serving the society in a better manner in the 21st century.

AGPL CPVC / PVC Pipes and Fittings are today’s most advanced Hot and Cold Water Plumbing Systems giving numerous advantages of corrosion resistance, no scaling, chemical resistance, hot and cold water compatibility, fire resistance, low thermal expansion, safety for drinking, freedom from leakages and wall dampening, besides easy installation and cost effectively.

The production unit of CPVC was set up in 2008, with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, spread over an area of 11,500 sq mtrs at Greater NOIDA. The plant is now an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with an annual capacity of 7200 TPA.

Pipes are produced in copper tube size (CTS) from 15mm (half Inch) to 50mm (2 inches) with two different dimension ratio that is SDR 11.0 and SDR 13.5 and fittings are produced in SDR 11.0

The CPVC plants key machinery consists of 2 Imported pipe extrusion lines with a capacity of 150 Kg/Hr, four Imported pipe extrusion lines with a capacity of 250 kg/ hr and eleven Injection moulding machines in the range of 100 to 220 tons. In 2012 the ASTM-1785 & 2467 standards of UPVC pipe and fitting production started, by 2013 ASTM-D 1785 standards of UPVC pipe of 2½ to 4 inch started and in 2015 SWR pipe and fitting production starts.

AGPL CPVC Price List 2016 AGPL UPVC Price List 2016


  • The physical, chemical and mechanical properties of AGPL uPVC pipes and fittings demonstrate their superiority in utility and applications over conventional materials.
  • AGPL CPVC is less than 116th the weight of cast iron and steel, making it much cheaper to transport and easier to handle during installation.
  • The tensile, flexural and compressive strength of AGPL uPVC is around 50Kg/cm2 making it suitable even under varying conditions.
  • AGPL CPVC has an electrical resistivity of greater than 1014 Ohm.cm, and has good insulating properties. uPVC pipes cannot be used for earthing.
  • AGPL CPVC has thermal conductivity of 0.13W/m/oC, which is only a fraction of thermal conductivity of steel. This enables fluids to be transported maintaining the uniform fluid temperature. It also ensures that there is no outward sweating of pipes when fluids at very low temperature are passing through them.
  • AGPL CPVC is resistant to attack by fungi and other microbes and are not subjected to contamination. No odour or taste is transmitted to the fluid being transmitted. Further pipes are resistant to corrosion or rusting.
  • AGPL CPVC pipes, allow greater flow of water than an identical size of conventional piping. The Hazen-Williams constant for flow in uPVC pipes is around 150, which is higher than that of conventional materials and it remains constant for the entire service life.
  • AGPL CPVC is unaffected by most concentrations of acids, alkalis, organic chemicals, fats and oils. Thereby AGPL uPVC is suitable for variety of Industrial Applications.
  • AGPL CPVC is better able to withstand deformation in shape due to earth movements.
  • AGPL CPVC being non conductor of electricity is totally immune to galvanic and electrolytic attack. This also ensures that there is no scaling of salts on the inner surface.
  • AGPL CPVC is self-extinguishing in nature and do not support combustion. Only the part of the pipes directly under the flame gets charred and do not extend the fire.
  • The lengths can be cut to required lengths and joined easily by cold welding process, without laborious threading operations.


  • Many times better than conventional material Pipes & Fitting
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Very Strong and Rigid
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Completely Leak Proof
  • Resistant to Choking (Scaling)
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • High pressure withstanding capability
  • Very easy Installation
  • Safe for Drinking Water
  • For Inside or Outside Use in both Industry & day to day applications
  • Proven performance in plumbing Applications in The Harshest of Conditions
  • Quality Assurance through Stringent Quality control tests
  • Very Low Lifetime Ownership cost making the system very cost effective
  • Highly Durable Plumbing System having a designed life of 50 years.
  • Does Not Sustain or Support Combustion (Fire Proof)
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Resistant To High Levels of Chlorine Normally Used To Treat Water in India
  • Quiet Performance (Reduced Banging Noise Due to Water Hammer)
  • Improved Impact Resistance
  • No electrolytic corrosion
  • Minimized Investment in Installation Tooling
  • Trouble – Free, Lightweight jointing With Substantial saving in Installation Costs


  • Low initial investment & lowest possible lifetime ownership cost
  • Very high energy efficiency due to insulating properties
  • Easy and considerably fast installation even in tight, cramped places requiring minor investment in tools
  • Long term price stability
  • Adds to homes resale value in addition to better realization for builders
  • 100% recyclable material having added environmental benefit
  • Similar flow and pressure rating with smaller pipe size compared to alternate systems


  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance AGPL CPVC has better corrosion resistance properties especially at high temperatures as compared to conventional material. Excellent Flame Resistance and Low smoke Generation
  • AGPL CPVC is self- extinguishing and is superior in its resistance to flame, owing to its much lower smoke generation and limiting oxygen index. Overall AGPL CPVC offers superior properties as a flame resistant plastic Handling and Fabrication
  • AGPL CPVC provide better adhesion and easy handling property in applications such as piping. Additionally operations such as welding, bending, sleeving, and vacuum molding are possible with AGPL CPVC.


  • Homes – Hot & Cold water (Bathrooms and Kitchen)
  • High Rise Residential Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Hotels
  • Office Complexes
  • Commercial And Industrial Installations
  • Villas And Individual Houses
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Home and Commercial building piping systems
  • Chemical Processing and Air Pollution systems
  • Fertilizer processing systems
  • Water Service systems


  • ISI mark No. IS15778:2007 CM/L 3218446 for CPVC Pipes
  • ISI mark No. IS 4985:2000 CM/L 2535756 for AGRI Pipes
  • ISI mark No. IS13592:2013 under development for SWR Pipes
  • CIPET certificates for Effect on Water
  • CIPET certificates for Chlorine Test
  • CIPET certificates for Bonding Cement for CPVC Fittings
  • In-house laboratory tests



AGPL SWR drainage system includes a wide range of pipes and fitting which have an equally wide range of application. Tougher and economical, PVC SWR pipes and drainage system is manufactured strictly conforming to the relevant environment friendly standard

NOTE: As per IS 13592:92 Type A pipes are recommended for ventilation and rain water system and Type B pipes are recommended for soil and waste discharge system .Pipes are available in 2,4,10 &20 ft. Lengths in single and double sockets in all the size. Pipes are offered with rubber seals type sockets as well as solvent weld (pasted) type sockets



AGPL offers an exhaustive range of PVC pressure pipes & fitting which are manufacture as per IS 4985:2000 slandered and are available in 20mm to 315mm sizes in different pressure classes. The pipes are provided with plain sockets and suitable for solvent cement jointing

These pipes are used for variety of applications like agriculture, drip irrigation for water supply, industries process lines, swimming pools and sprinkler lines etc. these pipes are available in light grey color with nominal length of six meters

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