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AG3D - Aqua is a highly advanced a n d technologically upgraded adhesive. It delivers highly firm grip to products which remain submerged in water. It has superior waterproofing properties and higher coverage area. It is the perfect product for areas with high moisture.

ECO Extra PVA Emulsion

AG3D - ECO EPE has a range of adhesives which is used in building construction, paints, Stationary, Industrial Glue, Textile Industry, Poly Pigments and Industrial Resins etc. We have our in- house research and development team , which is continuously working on the improvement of product. Our research team is one of the best in the industry and has delivered world class products for Building & Construction, Textile, Paints, Garment, Packaging, Furniture, Paper etc.

Premium Synthec Resin Adhesive

AG3D - Premium adhesive comes with an advantage of better grip. It is a high viscosity product which delivers a unique firm grip for longer time. High viscosity's main character is to maintain a very firm grip.

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